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[Title-Page] Italiae Sclavoniae, Et Graeciae ...

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[Title-Page] Italiae Sclavoniae, Et Graeciae ... : G.Mercator

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Gerard Mercator's project to complete a cartographical description of the entire universe, both heaven and earth, was eventually realised in the "Atlas, Sive Cosmographicae Meditationes De Fabrica Mundi". Mercator intended to produce a modern geography and a Ptolemaic atlas, a massive and over-ambitious project. In fact, only 'Ptolemaic Geographia' was completed in his lifetime, and it was left to his son, Rumold, to complete and publish the world atlas in 1595. This was the first time the name "Atlas" was applied to a bound collection of maps, and, like Mercator's projection, has remained in everyday use to this day. This is the titlepage to the volume of the atlas devoted to maps of Italy, Slavonia and Greece. According to Shirley the "early sectional parts of his "Atlas" each had Mannerist titlepages ... built around a classical rectangular arch with hanging garlands composed of fruit and flowers. There are the curved scrolls and volutes associated with Mannerist decoration, coupled with birds and masks".
region: Title Pages
mapmaker: G.Mercator  
place and date of publication: Amsterdam 1589-c.1610
medium and colour: copperplate, Original colour
size in mm: 285 x 170
ref: 23019
literature: cf. Shirley, Courtiers And Cannibals, 17.

Price: reserved

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